Internal Evaluation

Internal evaluation activities consist of evaluating University processes in line with the standards defined by THEQC under quality and management, education, research and social contribution topics, gathering stakeholder views through different methods, monitoring different data through information systems and preparing an annual evaluation report in accordance with the Institutional Self Evaluation Report Writing Guide prepared by THEQC.

In order to spread internal evaluation activities throughout the university all academic units are expected to prepare their self evaluation report in accordance with the Gazi University Internal Self Evaluation Report Writing Guide for Academic Units and to submit them to Quality Commission. Gazi University Internal Self Evaluation Report which is prepared using all the input from academic and administrative units evaluates the major processes of the university and guides the senior management in the improvement of the processes.

External Evaluation
  • Institutional External Evaluation Program of Turkish Higher Education Quality Council

According to “Directive on Higher Education Quality Assurance and Quality Council” all higher education institutions have to prepare an annual self evaluation report to be submitted to THEQC and go through and participate in the external evaluation program every five years. In this context Gazi University participated in the External Evaluation Program of Turkish Higher Education Quality Council in 2017. Within the scope of this program an evaluation team formed by THEQC visited Gazi University twice and prepared and Institutional Evaluation Report based on their experiences and observations in the university

  • THEQC Institutional External Evaluation Follow Up Program

As part of the Institutional External Evaluation Program a follow up activity is carried out in higher education institutions in the second year of their participation in the program. As one of the universities that participated in THEQC Institutional External Evaluation Program in 2017 an online follow up meeting was held with the Follow Up Team formed by THEQC in 2020. As a result of this meeting the team prepared and publicized Gazi University Follow Up Report 2020.

  • THEQC Institutional Accreditation Program (IAP)

Higher education institutions that participate in the institutional external evaluation program are expected to apply for THEQC Institutional Accreditation Program (IAP) in the fifth year of their participation. In this context Gazi University applied for the program with a Letter of Intent accepted in the Senate meeting dated 10.02.2022 In this context, after the YÖKAK Institutional External Evaluation, Institutional Accreditation and Monitoring Program, which we participated in in 2020, our University notified the Council of its request to be included in the 2022 Institutional Accreditation Program with the Letter of Intent, which was decided at the Senate's Meeting dated 10.02.2022.

  • European University Association Institutional Evaluation Program

In order to increase the international recognition and prestige of the University, to strengthen the quality culture in the institution, to support the change in the institution, and to share the experiences of the evaluation team, Gazi University applied to the Institutional Evaluation Program of the European University Association (EUA), which started in 1994, and received an evaluation the next year. In this context, two visits were made to our University by the European University Association in March and September 2007. The external evaluation report of our University, which was shaped by the impressions obtained as a result of the interviews and unit visits during the visits, was presented on September 21, 2007.

Unit Visits

Unit visits are carried out regularly by the members of the Quality Commission in order to spread the quality assessment and continuous improvement studies throughout the university and to increase the awareness and ownership of these studies in the units. In visits; meetings are held with unit managers, academics and administrative staff to receive feedback, to provide feedback on the format and content of unit internal self evaluation reports, and to examine the activities related in unit internal evaluation reports on site.

Commission Meetings

GU Quality Commission continues its efforts to evaluate, monitor and continuously improve education, research and social contribution activities and administrative services according to the fifth part of the Gazi University Quality Assurance and Quality Commission Directive and in line with the Strategic Plan and goals of the University; within the framework of the procedures and principles determined by the Higher Education Quality Board (THEQC).


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