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As one of the pioneering education institutions of Turkey, Gazi University is in a constant state of change and progress in order to improve the quality of education and other services it offers. Implementations to ensure quality assurance in Gazi University obtained an administrative structure with the establishment of “Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council” in 2005, which was formed of 12 members. In line with the “Directive on Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement” published by The Higher Education Council in the Official Gazette on 20.09.2005, the council was restructured by the University Senate’s 14.10.2005 dated decision with 18 members under the name of “Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement Council (GUADEK)”. This council worked for almost 15 years to evaluate education, research activities and administrative services, to improve their quality, to confirm their quality level and recognition through “external evaluation” processes in accordance with the Directive of Higher Education Council and “Circular on GU Academic Evaluation and Quality Improvement” accepted by the Senate on 15.02.2006.

In line with the “Directive on Quality Assurance in Higher Education” published in the Official Gazette dated 23.07.2015 and numbered 29423 as a result of the changes implemented by The Higher Education Council GUADEK was abolished and its circular was revoked. After a restructuring, “Circular on Quality Assurance in Gazi University” was accepted and Gazi University Quality Commission was established by the Senate’s decisions dated 12.05.2016 and numbered 2016/47 and 2016/48. 

“Circular on Gazi University Quality Assurance and Quality Commission” was updated in 2018 after the publishing of “Directive on Higher Education Quality Assurance and Quality Council” and in line with the efforts to restructure academic council and commissions and their sub groups and teams within the scope of “Internal Audit Guideline for Public Administrations” published by Ministry of Treasury and Finance General Directorate of Budget and Financial Audit.

In accordance with our strategic goals and objectives and within the framework of procedures and principles defined by Turkish Higher Education Quality Council (THEQC), Quality Commission works to evaluate, monitor and improve the quality of education, R&D and social contribution activities and administrative services and to promote the accreditation of academic programs. The Commission consists of an odd number of members determined by the Senate and the chairman of the council is the Rector. In the absence of the Rector, the Vice Rector appointed by the Rector acts as the chairman. Commission members are determined by the Senate so as to represent different fields of science and all academic units. Amongst commission members Secretary General, student representative and head of the department of strategy development are included. Duties, responsibilities and authorities of the Commission are determined by “Directive on Higher Education Quality Assurance and Quality Council” and “Circular on Gazi University Quality Assurance and Quality Commission”, its work procedure and principles are defined by the Senate.

The Commission forms sub groups within itself to carry out its activities according to its working schedule. Within this context the Commission carries out its activities through the works of “Leadership, Management and Quality”, “Education and Training”, “Research and Development”, “Social Contribution” Work Groups and Training Platform Work Team. Duties of the groups and the team are decided by the Comission.

Quality evaluation and assurance activities are carried out with a comprehensive and participatory approach through Quality Teams at academic and administrative units and by Quality Sub Groups at the program level. Special importance is given to student representation alongside academic and administrative personnel in academic unit quality teams and sub groups at the program level. Among academic unit team members who work under the responsibility of the Quality Team Leader are the vice dean or vice director as the team leader, secretary of the unit, heads of all program/department quality sub groups and a student representative. Administrative unit quality teams consist of the head of the administrative unit, at least one director and other staff in charge of quality.

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