GU Quality Commission Student Representative Applications will be made between 02 October and 23 October 2023.
3 November 2023 | 12:17

Gazi University Quality Commission Student Representative election will be held to increase the participation of our students in the quality assurance processes at our university and to ensure the dissemination of the quality culture.  Students who want to take part in decision-making mechanisms in education and training, research and development, social contribution and governance processes must meet all the requirements in the “Procedures and Principles for Determining the Student Representative of the GU Quality Commission”:

Applications will be received between 02 October 2023 and 23 October 2023 with the “Quality Commission Student Representative Application Form”. For students to fill out the form, they must log in to the Gazi Support System with their corporate e-mail addresses without writing the extension "".

All information in the application form must be filled in and the candidate's CV must be uploaded to the system as a document. Forms that do not meet the necessary conditions do not provide declaration approval and do not upload a CV will not be evaluated.

Students who meet the basic requirements will be invited to an interview by e-mail by the Student Representative Selection Committee of our Commission, and our students who have applied are required to follow the e-mails to be sent by the GU Quality Coordination Office and attend the interview on the day and time notified to them.

After the evaluation to be carried out by the Commission, the Quality Commission Student Representative Member will be decided by Gazi University Senate.

We are waiting for your applications to become a member of the Quality Commission Family.



Gazi University Quality Commission

Procedures and Principles for Determining the Student Representative of the GU Quality Commission

Quality Commission Student Representative Application Form


IMPORTANT NOTE: “Quality Commission Student Representative Applications” are made via Gazi University Support System with an institutional e-mail address with the extension You can access the E-Mail Request System from the link on the website of our University.

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